How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! The first step is to schedule an introductory lesson with one of our trained instructors. During this session, your instructor will determine your current dance level and recommend an appropriate course for you to continue. The cost for this introductory class is only $25. Call us today to schedule your first lesson! (540) 774 -1900

Can I really learn how to dance?

Of course you can! If you can walk, you can dance, especially if you are taught how by an Arthur Murray expert. We teach simple, basic elements, from which the steps are derived. Hundreds of thousands of people have been successfully trained at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. There is no age limit. We have taught people from ages 9 to 94!

Do I need a partner?

It is just as common to take lessons as an individual as it is with a partner, even if you have a significant other. Occasionally, it is more advantageous to take lessons without a partner, especially if your goals differ or are individually inspired (i.e. health benefits/weight loss, stress relief, competing, etc.). An instructor can help you accomplish those goals, rather than focusing on getting you and your partner to move together, making your lessons more beneficial. If you choose to pursue dancing as an individual, your instructor will be your partner throughout your program. If you are seeking dancing as a couple then learning together is a great way to create a date night, purse a common hobby, or sometimes a necessity in order to get ready for an event. The instructor will teach you together, focusing on your individual roles as leader and follower, often sparking the romance and excitement only dancing can produce.

Is it more money for a couple than a single?

The rates are the same for an individual as it is for a couple.  We reserve one instructor for one session, regardless of how many people are on a lesson.  However, we do limit a private lesson to no more than two people.  If you would like more people on a lesson we can accommodate by reserving a private group class at a special rate.

I don’t know which dances to learn. Can you recommend some?

It can be a challenge to know which dances to learn, or which would be the most beneficial, especially if all you have to base it off of is what you might have seen on television or in movies.  That is why we have a “counselor” to help figure out your own unique goals.  When you come in for your introductory lesson, the counselor will discuss where you hope to use you’re your dancing and what you wish to get from your lessons.  This information will be passed on to your instructor who will show you appropriate dances for you goals.  After the lesson, the counselor will follow up to see if they met your expectation or if any alterations need to be done.  Therefore, every program is based on each individual’s needs and goals.

Is it better for me to focus on just one dance at a time?

In Arthur Murray’s 100 years in business, we have found that it is actually easier to learn several different types of dances by using the Arthur Murray INTERRELATED SYSTEM than focusing on only one dance at a time.  This system was created by Arthur Murray himself when he noticed his students having difficulty retaining the knowledge of each individual dance when they accomplished one dance and moved on to the next.  He found the similarities in each dance, whether it was the patterns or timings, and based the curriculum off of certain moves and not certain dances.

This made students capable to dance to multiple types of music, therefore building their confidence and enhancing their dancing experience.  At Arthur Murray, our teachers are experts in the Arthur Murray INTERRELATED SYSTEM, making it quick and easy to learn multiple dances without feeling overwhelmed.

What if I want to learn only one specific dance?

We are more than happy to work on a single dance of your choice.  In the event of preparing for a wedding we have specific wedding packages designed to accommodate a first dance or parent dance (see Wedding Programs).  Otherwise, we have found that most people want to learn only one dance because they are either unaware of other dance styles or lack confidence in their ability to learn multiple dances.  Our hope for all our students is that through their accomplishment of learning a particular style, it will give them the confidence to eventually explore other variations.
We hope all our students never have to refuse a dance because they did not have the knowledge.

How many dances will I learn?

As a beginner, we recommend focusing on a select few that will make you a well-rounded dancer, able to dance to a variety of music that you may hear in a dance environment.  This usually ranges between 4-8 dances depending on your dance goals.
Often the same pattern is used for multiple dances so it is simple to become competent in a variety of dances.  Some students want to learn more, becoming hobbyist dancers.  They prefer exploring other types of specialty dances (like Viennese Waltz or Argentine Tango) adding to their repertoire, or desiring to compete in an assortment of dances.

How long will it take for me to become a good dancer?

That all depends on your definition of a good dancer, and the time you are willing to put into becoming the good dancer you envision.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you want to blend into the crowd, stand out and be noticed, or compete.  Just like learning any new skill, it is different for everyone and does not happen overnight.  It takes time to get patterns into your muscle memory, train your ear to hear the music, and learn the tricks to leading and following.  However, our instructors are trained to teach multiple learning styles in order to get information across in a way that is easy to understand to achieve your desired results as quickly as possible.  It is also helpful to keep your lessons close together to avoid unnecessary repetition and to help retention last longer.

Basically, the more time you are willing to put into your dancing, the more you will get out of it.  But no matter how long, or short, it takes, many students find that they enjoy the learning process as much as the achieved results.

How much does it cost?

Tuition varies depending on a number of factors e.g., how good you want to be, what dances you want to learn, and your dance schedule. Remember – YOUR FIRST LESSON IS ONLY $20.
After that lesson, your instructor will be in a better position to recommend a program and you’ll have the knowledge to make an intelligent and informed decision. We have something for everyone including wedding, college and teen programs, and active military and student discounts.

When can I take a lesson?

Our studio is open Monday-Friday, with lessons starting at 2:00pm and our last lesson starting at 9:15pm. We are also open Saturdays by appointment and can accommodate for special needs and occasions.

How long is a lesson?

All of our lessons, group classes and practice sessions are 40 minutes.  On your introductory lesson be prepared to spend an hour at the studio, including your lesson time, to discuss your goals and program options.

Will I have a good teacher?

Yes.  All Arthur Murray instructors must complete a demanding training program to prepare them for both dancing and teaching.  Each teacher is qualified to teach beginner through advance students.  Your instructor will be selected to best suit your particular needs and styles of learning.

What should I wear?

Our students come to dance for a number of reasons which dictates their attire.  For those who are looking for an activity to do as a couple, they may wear something nice to enjoy an evening of dinner and dancing.  For the business man coming in after work, he may still be in a suit and tie.  For those who are looking for a sweat session, they may come in workout gear.  Anything goes when it comes to your attire and goals!  However, party nights are a good excuse to put on a nice shirt or skirt and show off all that you have accomplished!

Do I need special shoes?

On your first lesson you do not need dances shoes.  We only recommend wearing shoes that stay on your feet (no backless sandals) and shoes without too much grip (like athletic sneakers).  Leather sole shoes are a good choice for men, and dress shoes, with or without a heel, are ideal for women.  If you find yourself in love with dancing after the first couple of lessons, we recommend getting dance shoes since it will help you get more out of your dancing, just like having the right gear in any other hobby or sport.